Candle and odor control

"Discover the ultimate Stoner's Paradise with our exclusive collection of candles and odor control solutions at our headshop. Perfect for creating a serene ambiance while effectively managing scents. Explore now for the ideal blend of fragrance and freshness!"
Hershey's Chocolate Scented Candle_0
York Peppermint Patty Scented Candle_0
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Hostess Scented Candle_0
Hot Tamales Fierce Cinnamon Candle_0
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Jolly Rancher Scented Candle_0
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Mike and Ike Scented Candle_0
Country Home Candle - a·bol·ish Odor Eliminating Soy Candle_0
Beamer Candle Co. Ultra Premium Jar Aromatic Home Series candle_0
Zippo Spirit Candle_0
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Silicone Mouthpiece with activated carbon filter_0
SMOKE OUT Car Candle Air Freshener_0
SMOKE OUT odour eliminating candle 13 oz._0